About my EP Lovin’ Heartache

50’s Melodic Pop/Country that is sadly sweet, loving and lonely. Original music written in classic standard form, inspired by song-writers Willie Nelson, Web Pierce, Loretta Lynn and the melodic vocals of Rufus Wainwright. I think a symphony and vocal quartet would go well…

‘Lovin’ Heardache’ is a demo based on loving someone forever, losing someone, the uncertainty and the heartache.

The lyrics were inspired by various stories in my life and others. I am always interested in knowing an artist’s process. I get inspired by a person or phrase and write. If I sit down with just pen and paper, I get way too…wordy. What works for me is to have my guitar and voice be THE tools with paper, pen and GarageBand there to make sure I have something to help me remember what the heck I just did.

I have always listened to older sounds – Jazz, 50’s Pop, Traditional Country and Musical Theater. I love music with interesting vocal melodies. My first CD was Natalie Cole’s ‘Unforgettable’ (my first tape was Tiffany which says nothing but that I was a normal kid- love her!) My goal is to continue combining these older inspirations with my style, perhaps collaborate, to create something interesting, honest and pretty. This is just the beginning….

As far as more contemporary music goes, I listen to Rufus Wainwright and Patty Griffin to name a couple. Not that I write like them at all, but again, melody…amazing!

“It’ll Never Get Old” – The best love song I have written so far, it expresses truly how I feel. I think one of the greatest love songs is “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds. It is a standard that I am always working toward.

“Bye Bye Guy” – A song about sticking around for someone that was never truly yours to love and realize later why. It was inspired by a very special person in my life. The style/sound was influenced by those old 50’s sad songs about people who have died and gone to heaven…think “Teen Angel” but no one died in this one.

“Listen” – Ever have that friend who is dating the wrong person? I have that friend. They make excuses of why they need to be with this person while everyone around them is saying “What the F%@k are you doing with this person?” The style/sound is also inspired by the old 50’s sad sad songs.

“Peace I don’t own” – The title says it all. It was not your call. They left you. This song was inspired by the song’s title I wrote combined with a friend’s story. The style/sound was inspired by songs by Loretta Lynn.

“Left To Wander” – Best described by lyrics in the song “I’m the kind who’ll say that love will always come true, but always isn’t always true.” This song was inspired by my personal story about thinking you are a part of a family/clan, but find out…nope! The style/sound was inspired by Willie Nelson songs.